Songs Of The Day: 01/27/17 Triple Impact Friday

Hey J360 Legion

Sorry for the MIA regarding the Songs of The Day for Thursday, I’ve been working on some maintenance regarding the webpage and forgot to send off the Article in time but no worries. I’m going to make this Friday count for you all and I’ve been keeping the playlist consistent by finding great tracks created by awesome composers. It’s time for another triple impact of music tracks for an awesome morning grind. We’ve much to do just like in the earlier days of the week.

We’re going to listen to some of the best tracks of the playlist this week. I managed to find a relic track from 1983 so I’m going to blow the dust off of it and let you all listen to the grooves.

Our first track is called “Runaway” from One, Two, Three  (produced by Bobby Orlando).

As of this day Bobby Orlando is still producing music.

After hearing something from the past, let’s go to the future, filled with plenty of other synthwave creators who are busy working on new content to keep us inspired throughout the year and building new material for their discogs.  I’ve found two other great tracks from awesome creators on the playlist that are just waiting for the much deserved airtime.  Let’s think about time for a moment though it’s our most important commodity and is very finite in how we use it.   Sometimes we tend to take it for granted more than we need to and we have to start thinking of how to use it wisely and actively pursue our goals… So this next track is all about retrospective but allowing yourself the strength to move forward (at least in my p.o.v).

Our 2nd track is called “Flashback” by Night Raptor.

Had enough deep thoughts for now? Well let’s get ready for the 3rd helping and let inspire you with hope.

Our 3rd track of the day is called “New City” by Vyra

If you love the sounds of our various composers tonight, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages below.

Soundcloud Links

Night Raptor


For Bobby O’s hits, you can check them out on Spotify here.

Let the music continue to inspire you enough to pursue your goals and dreams Legion, never let anything stop your process.

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