Song Of The Night: 01/29/17 Sunday Night Vibes

Hey J360 Legion

We’re back on the night shift, at least for this Sunday Night.  I know you’re all out there partying it up or still keeping an eye out for the 45th Retrograde’s behavior. Don’t worry about him right now, live for your moments tonight and indeed the playlist has a great song to give you the strength to carry on for the night.  This track could also give some inspiration for the future too if you remain optimistic and hopeful of your own drive to gain those achievements.

Tonight’s song is called “Beyond The Quantum Horizon”by Neon City Murder

If you love the sounds of Neon City Murder, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I would like to apologize for some of the missing entries for this feature, I was busy working on a new format for the layout on Song Of The Days, and Nights. Tonight is actually the start of it being used so there won’t be anymore missing entries. It will be incredible where this adventure is going to go. You should always keep pushing yourself further and moving to where you can transcend from where you were yesterday and elevating yourself beyond your limits.  How many horizons have you gone beyond these days?  Tomorrow will be the start of a new week and it will be time to meet the grind again, so be prepared for what awaits you.

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