Song Of The Day: 01/20/17 Friday Boogie

Hey J360 Legion

Yep it’s that day when the Monster comes to Washington, but don’t let it bother you or scare you too much.   There are limits to his powers and the best thing is to be aware of what he does.  The number one thing you do is not let the fear persuade you into giving up on what you desire the most, you still have a livelihood to maintain and a goal to achieve.  Don’t let the government issues get in the way of where you see your evolution taking you, just keep pushing for better because you have yourself to focus on.  It will be a great battle to maintain diplomacy in a world where madness runs rampant and people refuse to take responsibility for their actions but it is all a test of how strong you can be.

So instead of worrying about this thing (I already covered it in The J-Man Show Ep.8) let’s listen to another Song Of The Day and focus on our own self improvement.  We’re going to ignite the fire and run another race.  Since we’ve all new this day was going to come and we have a lot to accomplish in one life time, let’s make the most of it instead of being scared.

Today’s Song is called “Arpnet” by Palm Highway Chase

The powerful vibes of Palm Highway chase ignite you and if you need more of a boost by listening to more of his sounds, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Regardless of who is the face of the nation, I am in control of my own life and well adjusted to making the right choices. So are all of you out there, so no more whining everybody let’s get out there and start pushing forward through this and living our lives well.  We can do this because in the end it really is up to all of us so don’t let this get you down, stand and fight.  Use the Songs of the Day to inspire you and keep hold of that vibe that they pulsate in you to strive and create beautiful work.

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