Songs Of The Day: 01/19/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to go for two this morning, and I don’t mean your aspirin as the President-Elect is being sworn in tomorrow morning.  Don’t run for the hills yet let’s keep striving to better ourselves regardless of what happens. We will all need an additional amount of strength to aid us through these tough times and that’s going to be from the wonderful sounds of The Songs of the Day.   Since Thursday doesn’t get much love from the population we at J360 Productions are all about changing that thinking in giving you more jams to hear. In turn giving the musicians out there the spotlight they need in order to achieve their goals.  It’s all about each of us helping each other in the end and keeping our stride in place so that we can move forward in life while maintaining hope.  I’ve managed to locate some awesome tracks on the playlist today for you all to listen to.


Our first Track is called “Automatic” by Beat Plastic

Our 2nd track is called “Cougars on The Highway” by Cougar-Synth & Palm Highway Chase

A Couple of great tracks eh? but that’s only the tip of the Iceberg. If you love the sounds of each composer feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages provided in the links below.

Soundcloud Links

Beat Plastic

Cougar Synth

Palm Highway Chase

Let the music presented by each composer inspire you to greater desires, and let that passion push you to achievement.  All of these things are essential building blocks for each of you in the J360 Legion to gain your success, Drive is important as you steer through the obstacles but never doubt yourself to where you can’t perform. That is the worst thing along with living with regrets, and no one has time for that either.  So let’s make today count Legion and handle our business with no doubts in mind and only our desires to lead us though our goals. The life we lead is an adventure and it will require the daily grind so embrace and push forward.




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