Song Of The Day: 01/18/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

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Time to make it through another week, and since a lot of great songs have passed through on my playlist, it’s time to give a certain random song or genre a spotlight on Wildcard Wednesday this week.  So we have plenty to bring about on the platform today since it is the middle of the week and I’m sure you all need that fuel to keep that fire going right now.   So let’s think about where we’re all willing to go with our goals and build our dreams into reality.   Just think it’s struggling and hustling time right now but after awhile it’ll be second nature to you (esp. if you are a creative entrepreneur).  You’ll need a song to keep your mindset straight and focus through the chaos.

Today’s song is called “Fly Away ” by  Andy Fox feat. Laura (Sunlover Records).

If you love the sounds of Andy Fox and Laura, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links below.

Soundcloud links

Andy Fox

Laura (Sunlover Records)

Beautiful track eh? It is the right mix of Synth and Italia Disco.  I’ll have to venture more into this form of disco sometime especially if there are others with vocals like Ms Laura. The grooves are just right for us to fly away and seize our goals in reality.  We can see them in our dreams just ahead of us, and we can reach for them but it’s going to take a lot of stretching and strength to push us there.  You can never give up on anything unless you limit your thinking into making it so because it’s our world now and it’s time for all of us to give it shape.


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