Song Of The Night: 01/14/17 Saturday Boogie

Hey J360 Legion

Now it is the 2nd weekend, and a lot of things are about to change from the presidential powers, The NFL Divisional playoffs, and another J-Man Show Episode on the rise.  I don’t mean to  namedrop my show but it is true you are getting another installment this week along with a 2nd presentation. What is the lucky show you’re wondering? You’ll see on Wednesday.

For tonight, you’re going to need something to groove with and that thing is NuDisco. It is a form of dance music spun off from Synthwave that harkens back to that funky style from the 70s. It can be hard to tell the difference, and in some cases it doesn’t matter but tonight is all about the boogie (not the YouTube guy).  Let’s bring in the Disco and get you all dancing on the floor tonight if you aren’t already.

The Song of The Night is called “History” by Gigamesh.

A 2nd track from Gigamesh is called “All Night.”

If you love the sounds of Gigamesh, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Saturday should be all about fun as well as the weekend grind and since it’s Saturday Night you should make the best of it, even if you’re at work.  Get out there and get your groove on by dancing to some of these great hits presented to you via indie creatives.  They put effort into their grind every day to produce great music so that we can make it though life better while telling their own stories.   Feel free to hang up that shift and just let your soul grow through the power of the dance Legion, you’ve all earned it.


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