Song Of The Night: 01/11/17 Wild Wednesday fever (The Phoenix Sings)

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve finally made it to another middle of the week, and as per usual, it’s time for another Song Of The Night.  This time we’re going to look into the work of a vocalist that seems to bring back the essence of the 80s and 90s pop music.  The energetic vibe that you only find in club music when back in the day it used to be all over the place until the mid-90s hit and then whatever nowadays music is (though I love the indie scene).  Great music is always around us regardless and the best music is right there if we tune our ears to find it.  At the heart of it isn’t just the synth but the vocalist that can sync with the sound, and Miss Dana Jean Phoenix is just as skilled as Oskar.   I managed to stumble upon her collaboration with Ex-Machina while skimming my playlist and fell in love with her vocals ever since, and you all got a taste of her work during last night’s feature.

So this time we’re going to look into two of her tracks tonight, I know we usually double up on Thursday but you all need to hear more of the Phoenix tonight, trust me.

I was going to do a special for Perturbator’s appearance on The Song Of The Night feature but they’ve both did an incredible collab cover of one of the best musical themes in history. A cover of “Come to Me” from Fright Night 1 and 2, since I am a big fan of both films (especially the Brad Fiedel score) that will be our first track for the evening.

This track is beautiful from the mix of Perturbator’s rearrangement, and Miss Phoenix’s vocals they should’ve used this rendition in the Fright Night Remake.

As far as our 2nd track, I know some of you cannot stand the cold season that is around us right now but hey let the season have its fun, I know it can be annoying to walk and drive through due to ice and other issues but she also recorded a track with the Northern Lights that can pull you out of your Winter woes.   Matter a fact it’s so hot it might get you thinking you can have summer in February instead of June.   It’s a cover of the 80s hit Cruel Summer created by the group Bananarama but hey don’t just take my word for it, open your ears and listen.

If you love the vocals of Dana Jean Phoenix, feel free to check out her soundcloud here.

Feel free to check out the collaborating artists below as well.

  1. Perturbator
  2. The Northern Lights

I hope to see more from her skills set as time goes on, and in the meanwhile we should all do the same in helping ourselves improve and do plenty of experiments and create new ways to co-exist.   We should always break limits and move forward in our pursuits, the only thing that can stop us is ourselves but let’s do less stopping and more doing.  It’s time to take control and get things fixed up so that we can evolve as people. I hope that the songs shared in this feature are inspiring you to aim high as they do me.  Keep striving for greatness, Legion because this is our year.


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