Songs Of The Night: 01/12/17 Thursday Night Triple Trouble

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that special time of the week, well close it’s not exactly Friday Night but let’s go ahead and jam out to two awesome songs in the PM.  While I’m still toiling away in the night shift, I manage to locate some awesome grooves for the playlist today.  These sounds are enough to inspire some more scripts and storylines I need to prepare for the oncoming weeks.  Nothing like the right music to set the tone and give that push and drive you’ll need in order to set off the momentum.   So without any further delays let’s start up our musical mix for the evening.

Our first track is “City Lights” by Electric Runner.

The 2nd Track is “Automatic Love” by Tape Loader feat. JJ Mist.

Since we’ve had a double feature on Wednesday, tonight’s feature needs to go for three as a bonus.  So our third track is called “Leave with Us” by 20SixHundred.

If you love the grooves presented to you, feel free to follow each artist’s Soundcloud page as the the links to each one is listed below.

Soundcloud Links

Electric Runner

Tape Loader

JJ Mist


Major thanks and shoutouts to these great artists for creating these superb tracks, I hope to see more innovations coming as we make it through 2017, and that also extends to you out there in the J360 Legion.  The future is now, and it’s time for us to shape it in the best adventure we can live for and leave a strong legacy for others to follow as well.  Let’s become Icons this year and stay that way for lifetimes on end.  The quest continues no matter what and nothing is over unless you say it is J360 Legion.  You must remember this and if you’re down and out, you can always count on the Song of the Night and the composers featured to brighten your outlook.



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