Song Of The Night: 01/10/17 Tuesday Night Overdrive

Hey J360 Legion

I’m still working on the PM Shift but it’s steady sailing especially when you have goals ahead, music to hear, and the drive to push you forward.  I don’t mind having Batman hours especially during the cold winter season and I am hoping that you’re all still keeping up the good fight in 2017.   We’re not even two weeks in and we have plenty to endure and move forward from especially with the Overcomb in charge acting out on Social Media.

However as long as I have this epic playlist composed of different tracks from various creative composers and their message to keep me inspired. I’m not too worried about the swamp issues in Washington D.C. and neither should all of you.   We’ve all have goals to achieve and we need to stay focus on all of that because our most important commodity isn’t Money.  Yep believe it or not that prize goes to Time, you can waste so much time and energy by focusing on what you don’t have and the control you can’t achieve whether dealing wth irresponsible people or giving up on projects before you’ve even started them.

Tonight’s song comes from a great composer called Droid Bishop and he seems to know the importance of Time and Space with his track “Time Runner.”

If you love the sounds of Droid Bishop, feel free to follow him on Soundcloud here.

Just like Droid Bishop, we all have enough time to create and produce great works of art and products for people to enjoy.  You never know who you will inspire and you have to maintain your composure and focus on aspects where you can improve.  Each of you from the J360 Legion has the potential and the best part is when you can put it to work without doubt or insecurities getting in your way.    You have to use that negative energy in the world and turn it into positives to make impressive outcomes like the creatives who get the spotlight in this or any feature from us.   Now focus less on complaining and more on the construction of your own work just like all of us because we have enough time.


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