Song Of The Night: 01/09/17 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Sorry for the little disappearing act I’ve had going on for a little bit there, Life happens you know but as you can see I’m back on the Night Shift again (throughout this whole week in fact).  No matter what time of the day, the grind always remains the same, I hope all of you are pushing yourselves just the same.   I’ve also have an awesome song I’ve heard over the small hiatus for you to hear and it’s pretty good for the night tones.

Tonight’s song is called “Come Get Me” by Ex-Machina feat. Dana Jane Phoenix

An inspirational track backed by great vocals, and if you love the sounds of Ex-Machina, and Dana Jane Phoenix feel free to check out their Soundcloud links provided below.



Dana Jane Phoenix

Now’s not a good time to dawdle and wait on the opportunities to come to us, we must rise up and go seek them just like how Ms.Phoenix was calling to the person in the song.  Don’t hesitate on starting again, we fall only to show much we can rise again and it’s up to us to stay the course and see things through.

Day or Night, Let’s do it J360 Legion!


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