Songs Of The Night: 01/05/17 Double Trouble Thursday Night

Hey J360 Legion

It’s the first Thursday special of 2017, and indeed we’ve got much to handle tonight especially as I am on the night shift again for the week.   Two special Songs  and composers that deserve the spotlight for tonight’s article and I hope you are all using the energy from last night to push yourself into handle your own tasks.   It’s also National Screenwriting Day for those of you out there who are currently putting your epics together for shooting or optioning this year.   2017 should be the year of change for all of us, so we can give our projects the green light and it must be done now. In the end you’re the spark that is needed to push your goals from start to finish.   If you don’t believe me on any of this well let the Songs of the Night serve as a good example of people who pursue their passions and goals to give us a good legacy.

The first track is called “Changing Lanes” by Crockett.

A powerful outrun style track from his 2016 album called “City of Ghosts”, and this track is only the tip of the iceberg.  The entire album is pretty good and if you love the sounds, you should check out his Soundcloud here.

Crockett also has an upcoming  EP called “Songs for the Forgotten” coming soon in 2017 and you can currently hear the teaser on his Soundcloud.

The 2nd track is called “Joyride” from Dream Fiend

Coming from Dream Fiend’s album “Electric Isle” this track tends to give a traveling vibe as if searching through dreams, while synth and rhythmic futuristic funk is swirling around as you try to venture through your challenges to achieve your goals. Much like for the first entry from Crockett, It’s only the beginning of a spectacular trip from Dream Fiend.

If you love the sounds from Dream Fiend, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I don’t just love Synthwave for how retro the vibes are but how experimental it can be, and I can only imagine the hours that each of the creatives featured in these articles place in to create spectacular results.   It just goes to show how far their commitment and drive leads them and those of us in the J360 Legion shouldn’t feel any less.  We have to keep putting in our grind so that we can produce amazing results too. Plenty of people are currently training to build their muscles and as for us in the creative field, our creativity is the same thing, we have to train and build it so that we can call on it to serve us.  If you don’t train your creativity, you can never hope to control it or use it for viable reasons so don’t doubt yourself if you don’t have the flow for the first time.  It takes dedication, willingness, and time and we all have the drive for these attributes.



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