Song Of The Night: 01/04/17 Wildcard Wednesday: Introspective Night

Hey J360 Legion

I know it’s only the fourth day of the new year, and things seem to be a bit bleak with the oncoming issues of the new administration or just fear of what’s to come.   Well You’re not only in these thoughts but the idea is you can’t just give into them and worry anymore.  Everyone in this world has a lot at stake when it comes to these issues whether we like them or not.  It’s the perfect time for us to test how strong we all are, and if mistakes are made (they will be), we have to be able to account for them.   Never be too hard on yourself because you didn’t make certain advances, get the girl, or the fancy job you wanted.  Every rejection is a redirection and if you follow the path from those areas while keeping your belief in yourself, you can make things happen.    If you need to really think deeply about where you see yourself in the oncoming days or lifetimes, well that’s what the Song of The Night is all about.  We’re going to use this Wednesday Night as a way to reflect on important things and use the energy from that to push us.

Tonight’s track is very deep in its presentation, and it is called “Still Human” by Nowtro.

Such a beautiful empowering track made by Nowtro, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg from his library.  So let’s give him support, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I’d say this not to be rude Legion but if you’re sitting there and not being motivated you’re committing an injustice to the people who believe in you, and yourself.  Take the time to step up and give it your all, you have to keep fighting until you fall.   Time is of the essense and only you can make these things happen, never give up on yourself and feel that you aren’t good enough.  You all have unlimited potential, no matter what height, age, weight or race you are, and it’s all about how you apply your abilities and what you learn throughout the years.   Nothing is the easiest and most disgusting thing you can do even if the world seems like it is against you, you must carry on.    You will fail from time to time but you must remember you’re due for a win, and it will be in reach.   Let all of these songs that are made by these many composers across the world inspire you to reach to infinite heights.   You see the road and the mountains ahead of you, so we must travel and climb every one of them so that we may see the peak, and you must do it despite the ones that tell you not to because they’re too scared to try.

Despite what’s coming to Washington, or to your jobs or anything difficult, you can be stronger than the lo and you must pull your strength together into your focus to handle everything.

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