Songs Of The Day: 12/29/16 Two For Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

Now to focus on some music for the Day shift again, Song of the Night is always a blast to do but for you daytime warriors. You have not been forgotten so I am back to maintaining this feature again after enjoying the night shift.   It doesn’t matter what time of the day I’m working on this feature, it’s always an enjoyment to me.   Since today is the Two for Thursday special I managed to find some incredible tracks for you all to hear today.  They resonate with the tones of stepping back into handling business and even dabbles into the ideals of doing futuristic changes.

The future is very real and it needs to be written better so that’s why it’s up to us to hear these great tracks and make better choices in the present.

Our first track today is called “Checkmate” by Offic3r

Incredible piece eh? I bet you’ll enjoy the 2nd one just as well too, focusing on the more intimate side of things or something emotional and deep.

The 2nd one is called “Forever” by Pontiac at Night feat. Joltask.

If you love the music from both composers presented today, please feel free to check out their Soundcloud links via the list below.

  1. Offic3r
  2. Pontiac at Night

The music is as adventurous  and inspirational as ever. Despite all of the craziness that has been going on lately, I’m glad I can listen to the great work that all of these people have created to help me start my ventures. The synth music  inspires me to continue pursuing my goals as well with all of the screenplays that need to be rewritten and finished because 2017 is a new beginning, and it’s time to make that fresh start happen.   It will never get easier but it is always good have a new challenge to face, so it’s time for all of us to step up our game and meet it head on.  We can do this without hesitation Legion, let’s make things happen.


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