Songs Of The Night: 12/22/16 Two for Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to bring on that double trouble for the week, listening to two great hits for those who are on the night shift like I am right now.  It’s time to hear some inspirational music especially if you have to do some last minute gift grabbing which is also like me.  I’m sure we have something on the playlist just right for this occasion made by awesome composers who have to brave the nights as well.   I would say something that has that neon 80s air about it, and drive to handle the gritty future and wastelands that lay before all of us.   A neo-noir vibe and the decision that failure isn’t an option and the goal must be achieved by any means necessary.

Sure that narrative was a bit dark at the end but hey you know what I mean in terms of being on an adventure like this though I’m sure things will lighten up with some funk.

Our first track is called “WPZA” by Blac Eagl from the hit video game, Pie in the Sky.

You know this track from him was so good, I think he deserves an encore performance.

the 2nd track is called “Zwei” by Blac Eagl

Brilliant work, and you can feel the neon vibes from the deep rhythms, If you love the sounds of Blac Eagl, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Just by listening to Blac Eagl’s songs tonight sometimes I feel life has given me a mission beyond just creating content for J360 Productions.  The mission is to help others find their spotlight, to get their shot, and to break through the amateur noise so that they can do what they love.  Sure my success should come first but in the end we all win if we help each other together, no man is an island in any form of media.   If you know someone that could use a helping hand, extend the olive branch and help them out you may not get credit in return but in the end, that doesn’t matter to those who are still pushing themselves as they create content.  I never said by helping someone, you stop (never do this) but help and aid each other as you try to make it through your daily tasks.

You may find growth in your network as you do help and in the end, it could probably lead to lifelong friendships by having similar passions.  No small minded thinking such as betrayal or human vices, you keep doing what you can to make your network grow and learn to push pass immature thoughts.  We’re all in this together from our networks we build, the audiences we entertain, and the promoters that work with us.  It can be uneasy and toxic at times but while you’re building yourself, you can develop immunity to these things by being aware and diligent in what you do best.

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