Song Of The Night: 12/21/16 Wild Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

I’m still working on the night shift and loving every moment of it, as I still have plenty of things to cover such as the Song Of The Night.  We’re going to be look into another artist’s work and listen some grooves he has made as a creator of his craft. He’s a great composer that’s been in the Synthwave movement since the beginning.  Known by the name IamMANOLIS, he’s making his debut on the J360 Song of The Night.  The track from him will be in the same vein as the 70s/80s Synth you’ve been hearing for awhile yet different in tone and presentation.  Unlike Song of The day selections, The tracks presented here will have an energy around them that breathes into the fabric of the night sky with the stars added for flavoring.

Tonight’s track is “Stealing The Night” by IamMANOLIS.

If you love the sounds of IamMANOLIS, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

This track makes me want to just fire up some Streets of Rage and battle through the city streets while saying this is all for Freedom! Though it’s really me just wanting to battle for my own selfish desires. Or anything that deals with handling business in a grey world surrounded with neon lights and electronic music.  I wonder if Manolis has a licensing plan?  Because one of these short films I have around here could use a soundtrack artist…

Well it’s a plan to look forward to in due time but while I am busy carving out another J360 Masterpiece, you all should keep pushing yourselves in handling your daily tasks and businesses too.  Never stop in seizing the day or night in order to reorganize your efforts and change your life.

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