Song Of The Night: 12/20/16 Turbo Tuesday Night

Hey J360 Legion

Since Tuesday is usually about hyper charging efforts, and since I’m still on that night duty we have an awesome presentation coming from the playlist tonight.  I’m thinking something with a bit of a kick and that nightcore feel, or something that can fly beyond the space ways into high adventure.  A timeless dimension filled with infinite possibilities and keep the ambitions roaring strong as a lot of us travel onward with our hopes and dreams to guide us. I’m sure a song like this exists on the playlist crafted by a composer that knows the rhythm and grooves keys for a dimensional gate, so without any further delays let’s get into that night fever.

Tonight’s song is called “Beyond the Sea of Stars” by Ex-Machina from a synthwave compilation album called Synthwave Renegades featuring other synth artists as well.

If you love the sounds of Ex-Machina, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I’d recommend you all listen to the work from the other artists on the Synthwave Renegades playlist too, they’re all amazing in their unique style and the synergy when they team up is incredible as well.   Something I’m going to have to look into as I work on more Episodes of The J-Man Show, and the other productions coming from J360 in 2017.  I hope you’re all continuing to embrace the grind as you push yourselves to greatness, we’ve got a new year ahead and plenty of opportunities to create or maintain.  So never forget the main goal as you use this week to escape from stress if possible or if you’re still fighting the good fight which I’m kinda in at the moment. Until then the adventure continues, so I must maintain just like you all do, keep rising Legion.

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