Songs Of The Night: 12/19/16 Monday Night Motivation

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Presenting more for the Song Of The Night Feature so this whole week will be about the after hours music.  Not cancelling the Song Of The Day or anything but we’re giving this feature some more love especially with the late night hits we have on the Playlist this week.  Took a little bit of a day yesterday but it’s all about being ready to rock the night away with the late grind just like the other night warriors out there.  I hope you all have been pushing yourselves that worked in the day time today, even if there wasn’t a Song of The Day you still keep motivating yourselves to better.  That’s a J360 Order! (haha) Tonight’s song is going to be spiritual and groovy in its own right to give you that motivation.

Now since there wasn’t a Song Of The Day for 12/18/16 (took a day off), there will be two songs for tonight.  The first should be a small chill out track to give some inspiration, and the other should fulfill the duties of the Monday Night Motivation.

The first track is called “A Somewhere Place” by Cougar Synth.

The 2nd track is called “Drive through the night” by Dress-2-kill.

Ever have that night drive, you know the feeling or energy that keeps pushing you to handle tasks matter what time of the night it is.  I have them quite often whenever I’m preparing the J360 Shows you never know where they come from but it happens whenever you really have something that needs to be handled, and only you can do it.  Although you’ll have to let your teammates know about it in the morning (haha) but I’m enjoying the night sessions presented here so far, and the artists who create these tracks need the love too.

So if you love the sounds of the music you’ve heard tonight feel free to check out both composers’ Soundcloud pages provided via the links below.

Soundcloud links

Cougar Synth



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