Song Of The Night: 12/17/16 Electro-Smooth Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

I’ve been working on some new developments around J360 Productions so we won’t have to plague 2017 with so much reconstruction.  The process is working out very well with the PowerPlay scheduled to come back in Jan, along with another J360 Radio Series in the work, and even the Fridays show has been reformatted into something new.   So the presentations coming your way will be impressive to watch and listen for as the team an I continue to rebuild our efforts.   Another part of these developments is working on the Song Of The Night feature and that’s why there wasn’t a SOTD article today.   Tonight however you’re in for a real treat cause I found some easy listening lucid dreamy synthwave for you to groove with.   It’s too relaxing for the day so it’s perfect for those of you that need something to unwind to, especially those of you on your lunch breaks or so right now.

Tonight’s track is called “Speed Boat Theme” by Arcis

The vibes are just too good from one track alone, so here’s a 2nd track from Arcis called “City Life.” coming from a new EP, he’s going to release soon.

If you love the sounds and vibes from Arcis, check out his Soundcloud here.

Saturday night is always a special event, it can be a time to go out and party, work on a new project, or just chill out to music.  In this case at J360 Productions, it can function as all three.  I’m proud to be here to hear all of this great music from these amazing artists.  It inspires me to keep going on my journey to create some epic content myself and as I am working steadily on the J360 Series, I’ll be going back to writing the movies again this week.  Either way despite how the Government or 2017 seems to be bleak, there’s a hope spot there somewhere and we all have to keep pushing through any obstacles to get there.


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