Song Of The Day: 12/13/16 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

Let’s get ready to go for another impact on the grind today, we’ve much to accomplish and I am happy to say that the Song of the Day has the overdrive that can push you to getting things done.  We have to step up our game today so that we can make our skills known and have people see what we’re all about, and hence today is called Turbo Tuesday.   Let’s see what high octane theme we have on the playlist for you all this week.

Today’s track is called “Steaming Grates” by Kalax.

If you love the sounds of Kalax, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

When there’s a big assignment, promotion, or a goal in the back of your mind. Don’t delay in pursuing it, start making plans so that you can get closer to it, and keeping working on your daily improvement as you get closer to it.  Some people tend to just say they’re making progress but instead putting themselves in a rut but the difference between others and yourself is that you’re making the choice to make things happen.  Never stop in bettering yourself and taking action, if you didn’t make your move on Monday then use Tuesday to try again.

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