Song Of The Day: 12/12/16 Motivation Monday

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome back to another work week, let’s make things happen today, and don’t start complaining about Monday and being stuck at work.   This is a new beginning for your adventures if you allow it to be.   It’s time to rise and go for the goals we want to achieve the most, and never stop in your pursuit of it.  Matter a fact, let’s add some stoke to the fire, you will need to hear something strong and powerful from the Song Of The Day Playlist to get you going.

Today’s track is called “Fantasy Rider” by Phaserland.

If you love the sounds of Phaserland, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Today’s track is a beautiful outrun for the day because you should think of your grind as an adventure only made for you.  You’ve outlined it, you craft it, and you built it…So you’re able to go and handle what you need to do in order to make your success come within reach.  Will there be failures? Yes but you don’t let that stop you, you’re all only human and you gotta keep pushing yourself to make it. So no more complaints and gripes about Monday, it’s a regular day like any of them but it’s up to us to make them spectacular and use it for our motivation.


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