Nope, you’re not dreaming J360 Legion.

The final Resident Evil movie (until it makes money) trailer has landed. Now while I haven’t been a big fan of these films except for the first two, it will be good for fans to see this series go off in style.

I really don’t believe this is the final chapter because of the obvious track record regarding films that carry this subtitle (i.e Friday the 13 pt.4 and Freddy’s Dead). Marketing ploy or not, I’ll be waiting for this one on home release. I’m more psyched for the Assassin’s Creed film.

If you are a fan however the film will be released on Jan 27, 2017.

In honor of these new video game movies. I will be continuing the Video Game Double Feature articles I’ve written earlier from the old J360 Days. I do need to play the Resident Evil games again for old times sake but enough on me.

How do you all feel about this film?

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