Songs Of The Night: 12/09/16 Friday Night Fever

Good Evening J360 Legion

I decided to do something about bit different today since I had a lot to take care of this morning. You haven’t received a Song Of The Day but how about a Song Of The Night? Since the Holidays rolled back into our lives things have been a disproportionate mix in terms of availability as of late. So I’m using this method to keep you grooving and shaking the night away.  Let’s make our time in stalking the night like Batman into something wondrous because in its own way the night is a very beautiful thing to experience as well.

Plus this is good for you night warriors out there who need a good track to keep you going. Since it is the rare occurance of a night shift for this feature, let’s do it big and go for three songs tonight.

Tonight’s track is “Korus” from Omronn.

The 2nd Track will be “Motorcycle Cop” from PowerGlove.

The 3rd track is “Impervim” from Vogel.

If you love the sounds from the great selection of artists tonight, feel free to follow each of their Soundcloud pages provided in the links below.





What a perfect way to start the night’s festivities eh?

This might become the Friday Standard here on J360 Productions. The change of pace is good, and we can call this party time. For those of you stuck at the night shift, keep your heads up high, turn on your awesome playlist, and battle through the adventure, You may be at work but who says you can’t party a little?

Matter a fact it’s a good thing that you do take time to enjoy your night with real music by your side, and I’m not talking Christmas Carols.  Until next time, Legionnaires keep striving for greatness.




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