Songs Of The Day: 12/08/16 Three for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to do a double impact in your life today?  Start off with the right music.

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the double trouble special. We do have some excellent tracks to share to you all today. Plenty of Electronic grooves, and synthwave rhythms. Now the question comes down to who is getting the spotlight today?

Our first track is called “Stellar” from Neon Overdrive.

The 2nd track is called “Eating Right” from Tape Loader feat. Syntax

It’s always a pleasure to go for Two on Thursdays but today let’s try for three.

Our third track is called “Microgravity” from Omronn.

If you love the beautiful music presented today, please support the original artists and  check out out each one’s Soundcloud page provided in the links below.


Neon Overdrive’s Soundcloud page

TapeLoader’s Soundcloud page

Syntax’s Soundcloud page

Omronn’s Soundcloud page

We’ve much to accomplish today, so keep pushing yourselves, and embrace the grind. Just like the artists you’ve heard today, if you keep applying your efforts, you will gain the results you seek.

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