Song Of The Day: 12/07/16 Wildcard Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’re in the middle of the week, and we’ve got an excellent song to listen to as we prepare for the morning grind.   Since yesterday was about kicking things into overdrive, today’s going to be all about playing it smooth kinda like the Sunday Chillout but enough to keep you driven during the week. In the end we all want that new lease on life but we must never stop in our stride or let temporary satisfaction turn into permanent. The vibes of this theme is all about handling business yet keeping an even pace as you do your duties. Follow your path to excellence by doing your best as you step forward and let this music flow in your mind.

Today’s track is called “New Life” by Ben Businovski

Amazing vibes eh? Beautiful Synth…If you love the sounds of Mr.Businovski, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

The adventure doesn’t stop until you say it does, keep going no matter what Legion. No one else can make the changes in your life but you.

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