Song Of The Day: 12/06/16 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Did Monday get you down? No moves were made except plenty of mistakes?

Well…This is what Tuesday is all about, we’re going to try again, to make new moves, keep pushing for better,and you’ll need that determination. Much like how Street Fighter was improved and changed overtime.  You’ll need to do the same thing, the time for being ordinary and just pacing evenly is over. You have to move into overdrive and unleash your turbo-charged fierceness to handle your tasks today. Not enough to where you’ll feel exhausted but fulfilled by the end of the day.  You can make the difference and it’s going to take all of what’s inside of you to get it done.  Don’t worry though the song of the day is the right medicine to get you started.

For example, the creator of this song knows what it’s all about to enter the danger zone and pull out a win.

Today’s track is called “Cybernation” by Powercyan.

Incredible work from Powercyan, and if you’d love to hear more of his style, check out his Soundcloud here.

The future is near and it’s up to use to use the present time we have to create a brilliant one.  Don’t worry about what’s coming into the government houses, we can at least make our lives better and it all starts with our own decision making now.  Don’t be idle or think you’re not worth the momentum because you’re more powerful than what society makes you think about yourself.  Handle your business and keep striving for your goals today, and if you are having doubts, turn on some music and write down the goals that you want to achieve and start working on that along with taking care of yourself.

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