Song Of The Day: 12/05/16 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Time to stop hitting the snooze button, we’ve got things to do and new moves to make.  It’s time to rise and grind so we can either stack up our money or create new endeavors for us to improve and move forward.   Now don’t resort to feeling bad about going to work, it can get ridiculous I know but don’t worry about the comedy of errors, think about the things you do when you show up and handle that business.  As an added bonus, you get a nifty song of the day to give you that extra push. Since it is Monday, the song will be all about motivation.

Today’s track is called “The Next Level” by 20sixhundred and remixed by Ctrl-Alt-Dstry.

If you love the sounds of both composers feel free to follow their Soundcloud profiles via the link below.

20SixHundred’s Soundcloud.

Ctrl-Alt-Dstry’s Soundcloud.

Fantastic rhythm from these two and the pulsating beats seem to push you out of the ordinary world you’re living in so you take on challenges for the next level.   Some of us are  still out there wandering in ruts but the answer has been in front of us the whole time.  That answer is to stop complaining and take charge, to be proactive instead of reactive, and only we can do it if we want to improve.  If you do ever feel any qualms or doubts, always take the time to listen to some music to get you going.  Even if things are a slow process, that’s better than no process at all, and you have to keep your momentum consistent.

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