“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” 2nd Teaser Trailer

In case The Mummy isn’t your thing, and Spider-man Homecoming’s trailer hasn’t landed yet.

Bring on the Guardians! The 2nd Teaser trailer is here to tie you over for now.

In Filmmaking, the upside is the excitement for your film’s process, but the downside can be the time in that process especially for the movie’s premiere. It’s been too long of a wait for some of these marvel movies to come out but the anticipation is still fresh. Vol.2 seems to have that same punch and instant classic feel like the first installment. The team dynamic is strong and well especially how they all react to each other in the trailer. Not too mention seeing fan favorite Baby Groot in action.  No sign of Ego the Living Planet yet but that’s fine, he’ll probably show up in the official full-length trailer.

I don’t need to say anymore but check out this 2nd trailer to see what’s next for Star-Lord and company.

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