Song Of The Day: 12/04/16 Sunday Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

Before it’s time to discuss football, money expenditures, and other activities. Let’s use today to chill out, and listen to a song of the day to create that tone.  Scrolling through the playlist, I found a nice song where two composers made a dreamwave ballad in honor of Big Trouble in Little China.  The combination of his arranging skills and her vocals, creates a smooth and calming song that fits today’s message of a chill out.

Today’s track is called “Miao Yin” (Vocal Version) from Hello Meteor and Oscar.

There’s an instrumental version of this song but Oscar’s vocals just adds that extra win to this track, and it takes you on a journey far from reality much like the movie.  I hope to hear and see these two team-up on more tracks in the future.

If you love the sounds from Hello Meteor and Oscar, feel free to check out their Soundclouds via the links below.

Hello Meteor’s Soundcloud

Oscar’s Soundcloud 

Since we’re at the forefront of all of the craziness that happens in December from work issues, and shopping alike. This is why you need a day like Sunday to serve as a buffer, and allow you peace of mind with the right music. The adventure can wait for a little bit until you’re ready to rock again.

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