Song Of The Day: 12/03/16 Electro-Swingin Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

Another weekend has arrived, so what are the big plans, a bit of adventure?some extra sleep? Or handling the rough terrain known as “Holiday Shopping.” For some of you, it may be all three, and more.  So since it is Electro-Swingin Saturday, I’ll present some grooves that will lighten your mood, and ignite your spirit.

Check out this great hit created by a dynamic duo on the Electro-Swing circuit.

Today’s track is called “Swing It” by Sound Nomaden feat. MSP

If you love the rhythm and remixes from both Sound Nomaden and MSP, check out their Soundcloud links below.

Sound Nomaden:


Regardless of what you’re to endure today. Don’t give into pressure, and allow yourself to keep moving forward. It is the season for you to enjoy yourself as well as give to others. If the week didn’t go well and you need this day to relax or download, keep in mind of the music you heard today. Don’t stay at Rock bottom or allow yourself to stay down. It’s your Saturday as well as mines, get out there and live your life.

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