Song Of The Day: 11/29/16 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

How did Monday go? I sure hope you are doing what you can to stay motivated despite any shortcomings. Well if you are in any trouble, put aside those down thoughts and get fired up today with Turbo Tuesday.  This is the day when you dust yourself off, and try again. Even if things didn’t go entirely your way, your achievements are still within reach. It’s just time to get you moving again if Monday didn’t work out for you, you’ll have to maintain your momentum to keep things close.

Today’s track is called “Gran Turismo” by Tokyo Rose

This is definitely preparing me for the commute today, and that means plenty of adventures ahead.

If you love the sounds of Tokyo Rose, feel free to listen to his Soundcloud here.

Keep pushing yourselves, this is what the grind is all about and you’ll get the rewards you’re looking for as long as you maintain your course.  It will never be easy but it will be worth doing if it challenges you and if you always love a challenge in your lifetime.  The number one thing to do is to believe in yourself first and live day by day with your goals in mind.




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