Song Of The Day: 11/28/16 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s near December, and the Holiday shopping season is in full swing but for those of you who aren’t about that Black Friday and living out their hermit lives on Cyber Monday to get those deals.

Congrats! you’re just like me because Cyber Monday is that awesome, haha.

Outside of handling the Christmas shopping for the year, be strong and maintain your daily duties to getting through the holiday rush surrounding you if you’re working in retail or distribution of any kind.  No matter what, don’t let those over played christmas songs on the radio get to you and make you crazy.   To be honest, Song of The Day for Monday Motivation won’t let that happen as we’ve got the grind to handle and we can’t let circumstances beat us.  So stay fired up because not only is it cold outside, there’s a burning fire inside from you to handle your efforts.

Let’s bring about the Song of the day so that we can go about making results.

Today’s track is called “Journey” another fantastic hit by Kalax

He’s a master of his craft isn’t he?

Well come check out his Soundcloud to hear more of his music via this link.

We’re all constantly on that journey to better ourselves, make new things come together, and give ourselves that push to create, pursue, and run that race.  Adventures are going to be worth it for every challenge, and effort we put in, and plus it’s essential that we learn from all of them to make us into well-rounded and strong-willed individuals.   It’ll never get easier but then again nothing worth doing ever comes easy does it?  So don’t ever attempt to look for an easy way out, just look for a way to handle things smarter and more efficient.   Keep listening to music earlier in the day or night (you night warriors aren’t forgotten!) so that you can have your mindset ready for what’s next.


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