Song Of The Day: 12/02/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome to another Friday Remix, we’re only a day away from another weekend. Now while Friday includes the grind don’t let that bother you. All days are meant to be enjoyed regardless of what popular opinion says. Make this day more important than your social life and grind life (aka the usual), try to push for something different. Sometimes staying in the same mindset can lead to ruts in contrast to comfort. Just like today’s theme remix your life, and blow away your comfort zone.

In my childhood, my favorite activity every Friday was to battle friends and family alike in a little game I’d like to call Super Street Fighter II.  I think it’ll be cool to look into battling some people after my daily grind today as well. I haven’t had a decent street fighter match since PowerPlay 30. While rethinking about tonight’s activities I found that Today’s remixer managed to capture two epic themes from that game into an excellent mash-up.

Today’s track is called “Street Fighter 2 Remix: Ryu/Guile’s Theme (Ryu Remashed) [v1.1]” by RetroSpector.

If you love the sounds from RetroSpector, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

It’s always good to change up things, or to re-organize so you can re-find why you fell in love with certain circumstances in the first place.   It’ll restrengthen you to change things up if you can manage and add that spice of life that you might be missing.   Keep pushing yourselves, embracing the grind is good but now is a good time to allow room for change, and to experiment whenever possible.  Never allow your life to become predictable and your way of going through life to fall into a rut.  Stay strong Legion and keep moving forward no matter what.

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