Songs Of The Day: 11/24/16 Two for Thursday 

Happy Thanksgiving J360 Legion!

Let’s celebrate the holiday right with two excellent songs of the day, since there is no such thing as Thanksgiving carols. We’re going to listen to some epic synthwave, and enjoy the morning until it’s time for Turkey.

Our first track is called “Electroboys” by Cosmo Cocktail.

If you love the sounds from Cosmo Cocktail, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

The Next track should help get your mindset if you’re traveling today for the great feast, it is called “Let’s Cruise” by Jordan F.

If you love the sounds of Jordan F, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Two great instant classics from the synthwave library here, and I sure hope everyone enjoys them as much as you’ll enjoy today’s festivities.  If you do have to work today, just do the best you can to make your day enjoyable, have a Swansons Turkey Dinner on hand or communicate with your family before you go in or during your break.  Try to do what you can to catch up with them when you’re able to make time and remember, it’s important to show that you do care even if the world around you doesn’t seem to care. Make your life livable, enjoy your day and, stay safe out there.


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