Song Of The Day: 11/22/16 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Set the turbines to speed, we’re going to boost through Tuesday, and handle our goals. It’s all about that hi-octane rhythm, strong bass, and deep beats. Let’s make it all happen, and I’ll say we have a track that best represents those feels.  The adventure is waiting for us to race onward to the new level, and it’s time for us to push ourselves.  If you’ll need ignition for your outrun escape, that is where the Song of the Day comes into play.

Today’s track is called “Quasar” by 20sixhundred.

If you love the sounds of 20sixhundred, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

We need to leave great marks for our legacies as we go on these adventures.  We’ve got greatness to achieve and weaknesses to conquer. Only by embracing your grind and pushing yourselves you’ll be able to succeed in your desires.  So let’s go handle our tasks today Legion, ignite the quasar inside of you all and fight on.   If you didn’t make the moves on Monday that’s what Tuesday is all about dusting off and trying again.  None of the musicians presented in this feature quit at their craft and neither should any of you.

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