Song Of The Day: 11/21/16 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

No one in this group (production team and/or fanbase) should ever have a case of the “Mondays”, you’re too good for that.

Don’t waste time sulking about Monday or going back to the grind. It’s a new week to bring about the results you seek (if you’re up for it). We’ve much to accomplish in our lifetimes and you’ll need all the energy inside of you to make things happen. Achievements do not happen over night and they do take time, effort, and discipline but you’re all capable of these qualities and more.  Your accomplishments are just around the corner, and if you need help in seeing this then it is time to present the Song of the day. I would say you’ll need something to kick you into gear and get your bodies into motion.  Monday is all about motivation and well sitting on the sidelines is hardly productive eh?

Today’s track is called “Ready Player One”  by Droid Bishop.

If you love the sounds of Droid Bishop, check out his Soundcloud here.

(I wonder if he made this song in response to that Novel by Ernest Cline? A good read by the way. )

You’ll need to be ignited and shine brightly to stand out, don’t ever degrade yourselves for anyone else.  You’re in it to win it just like everybody and you can do this by changing your mindset.  It’s always hard to get started again but when you maintain your motivation, you won’t ever need to keep igniting.  Embrace your grind and keep pushing Legion, only you can do this and there’s no one that can do it like all of you can in your own unique ways.  Monday is just another day in your book of life, so strap on the gloves and get back in the ring.

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