Songs Of The Day: 11/19/16 Electro Swingin’Saturday (Double Trouble)

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve made it to another weekend special. As I was riding about Friday night I was thinking about what tone of Electro-Swing to share with you all today. Should it be something hot, and jazzy or cool and smooth?

Well the answer is yes to both, you’re getting two fine examples of both categories today it. It’s important to listen to the right music to set the tone of the day, and as the Legion, you should all choose your narrative.



The first track is called “Wing It” By Jamie Berry.


If you love the sounds of Jamie Berry, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

The 2nd Track is called “Doctor Foo” from Parov Stelar.

If you love the sounds of Parov Stelar, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I purposely put up those two categories in vague terms because I want you all to choose for yourselves on what flavors of Electro-Swing you may like the most.  Musical taste differs among everyone like food so it’s always important to have that variety in your life, as far as I know today should be all about “swingin and jivin” for it is time to live the life.  Whatever your decisions and goals are today, make the most of them and don’t just stay in unless you’re feeling the need to get that sleep.   Let the vibes carry you to awesome adventures today so that tomorrow’s achievements will fall into your grasps.

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