Songs Of The Day: 11/17/16 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Time for that double trouble, Two for Thursdays is a go!

Now remember we do this to keep Thursday as an enjoyable day and I know you all have significant plans for it outside of the usual right?

Well if not, I have an excellent band you should keep on your radar that will best represent our feature today.  Inspired by 70s and 80s synth, this three person ensemble combines two genres such as Electronic and Alternative music, innovating a sub genre called Alt-tronic. Now don’t wear your skeptic hat yet, the mixture is beautifully done. I think if they keep embracing their grind and bringing the hits, this band will go places if not already. They’ve recently completed a live show not too long ago so I’m sure more events are bound to happen.

So hats off to their progress so far, and what is their name you ask?

They are called Hamerzya (Pronounced Hammer+Z+Eye+Uh) and we’re going to listen to two songs from them today.

The first track is called “Extra-Dimensional Pulses”

The 2nd track is called “When you’re lost.”

I know this day is about two tracks but let’s go for three.

The 3rd track is called “Surfin’ The Electric Sky”

If love the sounds of Hamerzya, and want to listen to more, check out their soundcloud here.

The tones, the vocals, the beat, and the vibes, don’t they just resonate through you in all tracks displayed today?

That goes to show how strong they work together, and as you pursue your day you should try to find your band and work with them to make excellent results too. Sure you may not do anything perfect the first time but that’s where you keep trying and never give up your resolve. People will come and join in with you as you present yourself well in what you want, let them know there’s room for them too.  Try to make things better and continue to work on your self-improvement (even with people), in the end we’re all in this together and that’s how you win.  Keep pushing for greatness legion, and remember to keep the vibes that you feel from each Song of the Day, let them empower you to do great things.   You’re all better than ordinary and average.


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