Song Of The Day: 11/15/16 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Time for some high octane adventurous vibes to clear away the rest of those working blues.

I know some of you are still out there down in the dumps that you may be working in a dry hole but far from it. You’re doing the best you can in your environment and you have to make this life livable.  You will need the right music to get you going though and keep you from that mindset, since it’s Turbo Tuesday.  Let’s see what we have in the line-up for you all to throw your blues aside and unleash your grooves.   We will sort all of this out with a massive dose of Synthwave.

Today’s track is called “Retrospect” by Retroxx

If you love the sounds of Retroxx feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Don’t waste time worry about what the future may hold, keep in mind that it’s only built by what you put into motion during the present.  You may have to do some significant changes but in the end they might be the best things you’ve ever done for yourself.  Never take the loss and don’t second guess yourself always be pushing for greatness and you’re already there if you believe in yourself.  Let the music inspire you to begin your adventure and keep following your rhythm to make things complete for you.



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