Song Of The Day: 11/14/16 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

The weekly grind is back so put your game faces on, and let’s handle that business. Don’t look at Monday with spite, it isn’t made for that use your energy to rise up and make a difference. Now if you need stronger motivation, well this is where the Song of the day comes in, and we have a great one. Something to get the vibes pulsing through you, and give that additional strength. A little reawakening never harmed anyone but today’s not presented for you to ignore or just stay in bed forever.  I’ve been jamming out all weekend to this this electro band and they have grooves and riffs so strong, you’ll be thinking it is Friday again.

Today’s track is called “Synthwave Rider” by Absolute Valentine.

If you love the sounds from Absolute Valentine, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

The Adventure continues Legion, never stop pushing yourself, and keep embracing your grind. Your rewards will come with each sacrifice you put into your work and daily activities. Should you find yourself in a rut, gather some good memories from your past and use that to aid in your journey.  You could also venture and try new things you never considered yourself able to do, make Monday into something more than just a return to the daily grind.  Turn each and every single day of your life into something worth experiencing, and every goal worth fighting for.


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