Song Of The Day: 11/13/16 Sunday Swing

Hey J360 Legion

The weekend has been going strong for the Electro-Swing genre in the J360 House. I’ve had it pumping non-stop on the speakers all night between my travels, and prepping the next run of PowerPlays, and another presentation for J360 Radio. I know Sunday is usually chill out day and all about the cool tones but this track is too important to miss out on.

So consider this as Electro-Swing day part 2, and I know the best group to present to you all.

Today’s track is “Dragons” from Caravan Palace.

If you love the sounds of Caravan Palace, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

Although we have to return to the weekly grind tomorrow, let’s just make the best out of today. Listen to some epic tracks and give this weekend one awesome hurrah.  You know something it’s going to be pretty awesome day too especially since we’re about halfway through football season.  This week is going to be pretty full week for me that’s for sure, filled with rewriting in one corner, another production in the midsts, and a different side project but that’s another story.

Handle your business today Legion.

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