Songs Of The Day: 11/12/16 Electro-Swingin’ Saturday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to enjoy the weekend with a bit of fun, sun, and cool tones.

In fact today is all about that Electro-Swing and I believe I have the perfect composer for the day.

A good song goes for miles and can add inspiration and motivation to all lives. since I’m sure some of you all will be traveling around today, these two tracks should be very helpful to you all.  It will also serve to reintroduce this niche’ genre of music to those who read this feature on our website as we’ve mostly invested into Synthwave, NuDisco, and other retro styles.

Today’s track is called “Electro Swing” by Cosmorot

(Video shared courtesy of Swing Whale.)

If you love the sounds of Cosmorot, you can check out his tracks for purchase on his Audio Jungle page here.

Another special treat is a remix of the song “Ladies Night” rearranged by 11 Acorn Lane.

(Video shared courtesy of Funky Panda.)

If you love the sounds of 11 Acorn Lane, check out their spotify right here.

Big band songs are back baby!

Since I’ve been looking for something  special to cover on the weekend Song of the Days, let’s just call this Electro-Swing Saturdays. I think we might be well onto the start of a trend here. Take care of yourselves and keep pushing for greatness as you can always have a weekend grind to embrace along with your weekly grind, it just doesn’t have to be as intense.



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