Song Of The Day: 11/09/16 Wednesday Chillout (After E-Day)

Hey J360 Legion

Last night was a very interesting night eh?

Makes you wonder what sort of world we live in…

Well the only thing we can do is move forward, and that’s what today’s song is all about. Sometimes improvement can only be made if you make a huge mistake and understand from it. Not implying that America made a mistake, after all it’s the people’s choice but not implying that we’ve made progress either.

So let’s just sit back for a moment and listen to a track to get our minds at ease and prepare for the next phase. I’d say something chilling and relaxing should do, because I know plenty of people are going into work today with hangovers on their minds with tension in their blood.

Today’s track is called “Early Bird” by oDDling

(Video shared courtesy of Electronic Gems)

If you love the sounds of oDDling, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

All we can do is improve, and walk through this storm Legion…remember you’re all stronger than you know and we can rebound from this.

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