Song Of The Day: 11/08/16 Turbo Tuesday (Election Day)

Hey J360 Legion

Time for another Song of the Day, It’s the Election Day so make sure you all go out and do your civil duty.  Stand your ground and vote for whomever you want because it’s your choice and it does matter.  Only when you’re in the middle of the new presidential administration are you starting to feel those deep doubts (haha).  I’m going to say this though just try to make your future important through your own daily sacrifices and keep pushing for better.  You should never really depend on other institutions to do all of the work anyways because it’s what you give and then it’ll be about what you’ll receive.

So remember that it does pay off as you’re putting in your efforts, and speaking of that, let’s take a listen to the song for today.

Today’s track is called “System Error” by ToneBox

(Video shared courtesy of NewRetroWave.)

If you love the sounds of Tonebox, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Ironic title but still while the government system is always in need of a reboot or repair, we the people can make it such. First we have to get away from the bread and circuses they give us and pay attention to what’s going on.  Look at everything with wide open eyes, and understand why events have happened, learn the lessons and then go about fixing the mistakes so that they may never happen again.  You have to always be questioning why and never stay institutionalized, you only have one life to live and you have to share it with these people so you need to be open and aware of everything that occurs around you.  I’m not saying bring this all to work with you but remember your important stance in everything that occurs and be true to yourself regardless of what naysayers say to you about elections and etc.

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