Song Of The Day: 11/07/16 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Let’s do it big, we have another weekly grind  and we need to face it head on. We’ve got nothing to lose as the adventure begin anew but first let’s start the day right with an awesome song. We’ve got a world to build, stories to make, and plenty of hurdles to leap over in order to make things come true.  We should hear something to ignite that engine, to get things rolling to where we can go and I think the music for today should do us justice. I took a good look at the playlist and found something amazing on the line-up.

Today’s track is called  “Pedal to the Metal.” by Lazerhawk

(Video is shared courtesy of NewRetroWave)

If you love the sounds of Lazerhawk, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Don’t have a case of the “Mondays”, make Monday into a different party day as it’s all about taking control and putting time into your grind.  Let today be all about the journey, a time to start anew and fight for your place in the world. Strap on the gloves because it’s time for another bout, and remember there are no quitters in J360 Productions or its Legion.  Let’s handle it and let your determination become your motivation and have it guide you to success.


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