Song Of The Day: 11/06/16 Sunday in Space

Hey J360 Legion

Another Sunday is in our midsts but today we’re going to take a break from the grind and just relax.  I know, I’m all about embracing the grind but it never hurts to chill out once in awhile. We’ll have to see it tomorrow as we go through another work week, so let today be an easy day if you can manage it.  Life is not all about propelling, we should take time to have some fun and smell the flowers.  A cool music track can help create that peaceful mood you need in case you’ve pushed yourself too hard.  Don’t worry about things that bothered you throughout the previous days or months, just live for today and take it one step at a time.  Today I think it’s time we took a trip into the galaxy for our next destination and the right music will aid in our lift off.

Speaking of the right music, it’s time for the Sunday Song of the Day.

Today’s track is called “Cloak of Stars” from Hello Meteor

If you love the sounds from Hello Meteor, check out his Soundcloud here.

Now since we’re in the solar system, why stop at one track?

We’ll need another one to maintain those chill vibes, we’re traveling through the cool depths of space for the day.

So our 2nd track is called “Theme from Diego Garcia” from Nitemoves

If you love the sounds of Nitemoves, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Just wandering through the solar gateways is a relaxing feel, and the grooves and notes presented today is a miraculous way to start the journey.  I may not see the end of it with you all today but I was happy to begin it with you all.  Carry on throughout the day by taking it easy and spending time with your families, friends, football or anything to make you remember the important things of life.  Don’t just bury yourself with your work, make your life livable.


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