Song Of The Day: 11/05/16 Saturday Special

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for a Saturday Special, and we have a nifty track ready for you all. Something amazing created by a great synthwave artist.  Next week marks the end of the Election year, and before we all run out there and prepare to vote (if you haven’t already) for next week. I just wanted to say that to remind you all of your civil duty please go out and vote on Nov 8th. In contrast to other media juggernauts, I will not hold your hand and tell you who to vote for (not my job).  Now as far as the weekend goes, shall we pursue the side grind, or just chill out and relax while listening to a great song?

I think I’m going to go for both but first things first, bring on the music.

Today’s track is called “The Golden Boy” by Espen Kraft.

If you love the sounds of Espen Kraft, feel free to follow his Soundcloud right here.

Don’t just stay in because it’s Saturday, sure sleep in but don’t spend most of the day sleeping. Rise up and go venture into something new, let today’s song inspire you to find some new things worth fighting for and something important to do to add fulfillment to your life.  Keep going forth and making things happen, never stop improving yourself and the world around you.

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