Song Of The Day: 11/04/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Friday so it’s time to bring out the remixes.

Never forget that Friday still counts as a grind day. It’s an important one to finish everything on top so you can make the most of the night. If you do have business at night just think of yourself as Batman or Joe from Shinobi, and you have a mission to handle just don’t forget to suit up. Make time for everything and get it done, don’t worry about the small stuff just handle it all and remember your dream.  The dreams are why we’re all about the grind, and never fear failure just keep fighting for success because it is around the corner you just have to fight to get there.

Speaking of a mission, let’s bring on an awesome remix for the day.

Today’s track is a rock remix of “Idaten” from Shinobi 3 arranged by Boroda-Kun.

If you love the sounds from Boroda-Kun check out his Soundcloud here.

You’re going to get a second one today from our old friend the Audio Sprite, and his remix is a rendition of the Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3.

If you love the sounds of the Audio Sprite, check out his Soundcloud here.

Great remixes for today I’d say, and these guys put a lot of their efforts into the art they wish to create, and so should you all in doing your daily tasks.  Don’t think of them as just inefficient or mundane, you do matter in everything you do and while the job can get a bit boring in places remember the results you’re making as you go through it.  You’re making strides and opening new doors for yourself every time you go into into action so never fear the grind, just keep embracing it and pushing through the focus.  Let your adventure challenge, grow and shape you into something better than you were years ago.

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