Song Of The Day: 11/02/16 Wild Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to go handle another Wild Wednesday?

Good so are we!

We have an incredible song of the day to hear, and we have to make the best of this week. You have to be striving and pushing yourself to overcome those obstacles so today we’re going to listen to an oldie but a goodie, and it is a fight song heard around any sporting event you can think of.

Today’s track is called “We will Rock You” created by Queen but remixed by Dance With The Dead.  I know Remix day is usually Friday but a song like this must be heard on a day like today especially since I know most of you partied out during Halloween Weekend.

What an incredible song/remix to hear, and I have to commend the guys on their re-arranging of a traditional fight song.  It’s like preparing to battle the forces of the undead or handling your own production company ( sounds familiar eh? ).  Big shout outs to DTWD and Queen for creating something that can ignite people to fight back when times get tough, and prepare for challenges ahead so that we can achieve our goals and make things happen.

If you love the sounds of Dance with the Dead feel free to follow their Soundcloud here.

Now for the rest of us, let’s go seize the day and take care of business, we’ve got much to do and it is up to us to pull a win.


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