Song Of The Day: 11/01/16 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

November is finally here, we’re at least two months from the end of 2016, and a week from the conclusion of one”unforgettable” election. So much is coming to an end right now but it’s ok because old things have to end so that we can have a new beginning.  Speaking of new beginnings it is time for a song of the day to start off our stride again.  Let’s hear some strong rhythm from the speakers around here and get us where we need to go.  We should hear something that is powerful and steady for us to rise like the sun every morning.

Today’s track is called “Aurora” from Age of The Machine which in turn is a side project created by Lee Maguire of the dark electro/alternative rock group, Mercury Machine.

If you love the sounds from Age of the Machine feel free to add his soundcloud here.

Experiments and side projects are important to pursue as they only further our career and allow us to different boundaries. They can bring new experiences to life as we’re crossing issues or obstacles in our current grind and give us additional strength if we choose to pursue them.  Open your eyes everything to new opportunities and different aspects to your life because they may be exactly what you need.

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