Song Of The Day: 10/30/16 Sunday EP Special

Hey J360 Legion

Today is a special day, because I am now officially in the 30 range now.

Strangely, I’m not feeling any older but I do feel wiser and I’m ready to handle the next chapters within my life. Similar to how all of you are in pursuing your goals, we’ve much to do in one lifetime and the best thing to get going is listening to music that inspires and motivates us to the best of our abilities.  Today isn’t about chilling out, it’s about taking action and the song for today is going help us gain strength so we can take on the grind for tomorrow.

Today’s track isn’t just one track, you’re going to listen to an entire EP called “Unfinished Business” from a synthwave artist called Neon Nox with featured help from PowerNerd, and Rebecka Stragefors.  This EP is notable for helping me get through some tough tasks  throughout the month and it deserves to be shared for you all to hear.  It could possibly weave the same magic for you all as it has for me.


  1. Checkpoint feat. Rebecka Stragefors 00:00
  2. Turbulence 05:24
  3. Twisted Getaway feat. Power nerd 09:32
  4. Dead End 15:32

(Video and track listing  is shared courtesy of New Retro Wave.)

If you love the sounds of Neon Nox, Rebecka Stragefors, and PowerNerd feel free to check out the links below.

Neon Nox’s Soundcloud

PowerNerd’s Soundcloud

(Ms. Stragefors doesn’t have a Soundcloud link yet but when she does, I’ll add her to this list or include her in another SOTD article.)

I hope you all will have a spectacular day as I will, take it easy and keep embracing the grind and push yourselves to greatness.  There’s nowhere else to go from here but up.


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